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William Leech

The purpose

The purpose of the William Leech Charity is to make grants for charitable purposes in line with the guidelines of the Founder. The Main Fund remains unrestricted and continues to make grants and interest free loans to registered charities in the North East of England at the discretion of the Trustees.

The Lady Leech designated fund was set up in memory of Lady Ellen Leech in April of 1997. This fund awards grants to charities, usually with a North East of England connection, assisting projects in underdeveloped areas in the world.

Projects must focus on the needs and welfare of disadvantaged children, especially in the Third World, which was a special interest of Lady Ellen.

The William Leech Charity Online

The William Leech Charity is a charitable organisation based in the North East of England.

Set up by Sir William Leech in 1972, the charity exists to help volunteers from the North East, and also to support charitable projects which benefit primarily people of the North East.

The charity is administrated by a panel of trustees, and each year awards nearly £550,000 in charitable grants and donations to a variety of worthy causes.

We request that all applications are submitted via the 'Apply Now' on the Grants page which can be found here.

In case of difficulty please contact us using our Contact Us page.

The Charity are no longer accepting applications made by post.

Volunteer Support

This is an additional grants programme designed to assist volunteers in small registered charities, where at least two thirds of the charitable work (excluding administration and fundraising) is done by volunteers.

Likely grants will be in the region of £500 to £5000  

Please request an applications to this fund should by using our Grants page, through which you will be asked for the following:

•Organisation's name and charity number

•Name and address of correspondant

•Project aims, progress, funds raised to date, how much is still needed and for what

•Number of paid workers, total annual salary cost, total annual administration overheads and how many unpaid volunteers