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What we can support  

The following paragraphs are the present policies as to grants. These policies are not the formal directions from the Settlor, but they have his goodwill and will not be changed without careful consideration.  

Geographical Area  

"Grants are normally made to organisations for work in the counties of Northumberland, Tyne and Wear and Durham. Grants for other areas are sometimes made if there is a substantial connection with the Settlor or a local organisation."  

Preferred Categories  

"To encourage local and community spirited people to create and sustain interest in voluntary charitable work."  

      1. Organisations in which a high proportion of the work is undertaken by voluntary, unpaid workers.  

      2. Organisations with a close connection to the Settlor, or with districts in which William Leech (Builders) Ltd, built houses during the               time when the Settlor was active in business.  

      3. Organisations with an active Christian involvement  

      4. Organisations working in deprived areas for the benefit of local people, especially those which encourage people to help                                 themselves.  

      5. Organisations doing practical, new work and putting new ideas into action.

What we cannot support  

The following will not generally recieve grants. The Chairman and Secretary are instructed to reject them without reference to the Trustees, unless there are special circumstances.  

      1. Community Care Centres and similar (Exceptionally, those in remote country areas may be supported)  

      2. Running expenses for youth clubs (as opposed to capital projects)   

      3. Running expenses of churches. This includes normal repairs, but churches engaged in social work, or using their buildings largely                for "outside" purposes may be supported.

      4. Sport

      5. The Arts

      6. Applications from individuals

      7. Organisations which have been supported in the last 12 months. It would be exceptional to support an organisation in two                            successive years, unless we had promised such support in advance.

      8. Holidays, travel, outings

      9. Minibuses (unless over 10,000 miles per annum is expected)

      10. Schools

      11. Housing associations